Non Performing Notes


Why should you know about non performing loan portfolios

Non Performing Loan is often described as borrower being behind with their payments. Banks have changed their way of process for such properties. Previously banks will sell properties of that nature but now they sell these notes without foreclosure. This gives the opportunity to the buyer to buy it at discounted price.

A buyer can and usually is an investor of such non performing loan portfolio. After the investor has bought the loan at discounted price they can sell for higher profit.

Our professional contract buyers are experts in assisting banks and other real estate lending institutions in liquidating their portfolios of non-performing real estate loans. We are currently purchasing both residential and commercial institutional loan portfolios of significant size in all 50 states.

 If your institution has non-performing portfolio loans and you would like to liquidate this portfolio segment, our buying parameters are..

  • portfolios of at least $5,000,000 based on current appraised values
  • commercial properties must have $500,000 minimum appraised value
  • residential properties must have a minimum appraised value of $75,000
  • properties appraised under $50,000 may not be included in the pool
  • mixed portfolios are acceptable
  • first mortgages only
  • owner occupied properties preferred
  • we do NOT purchase REO properties, warehouses, and land at this time
Non Performing Notes

Our typical purchase price for non-performing loan packages is 25%-60% of appraised value and we only purchase loan packages where all properties are based in the United States. Typically, we can provide you with a terms sheet within 48 hours and, depending on due diligence, close on the purchase of your portfolio within 2 weeks.

Non Performing Loan - Get a Complimentary No-Obligation Quotation

If you would like a complimentary quotation on your non-performing loan portfolio, simply click the FREE Quote icon at left and complete our short Online Information Form.  Once received, one of our experienced contract buyers will contact you within 24 hours of your submission.

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