Professional Journey – About Tom

My main professional background is working as counsellor and coach. Even during the years, I was teaching my main concern was not to input some strange knowledge to the students but to help them achieve their goals.

2008 I started real estate investing in South Florida. Back in those days I concentrated on foreclosures from the “courthouse steps” – actually everything was already online but the bidding didn’t change.

After the peak of the foreclosure sales was over and it didn’t make much sense to stay with that way of acquisition of deals, I turned towards doing “normal” deals. I fixed and flipped the properties or wholesaled them. And yes, some I also rented out for some time.

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Turning towards mortgage notes was a next logical step. If investors cannot sell the properties, they bought they must rent them out. Owner financing is an alternative that generates a win- win situation. The buyer gets into the house he desires although the normal bank mortgage didn’t work for him. The seller gets the house occupied with a person who treats the house as his own. Since the seller takes over the part of the bank, he usually gets a down payment and collects an interest over the following 20 to 30 years.

However, we all know that life happens. Here are just a few reasons people have sold all or part of their seller financed mortgage notes for cash:

  • Unexpected Financial Changes
  • Retirement
  • Taxes
  • Investment Opportunity
  • Expensive Medical Care
  • Vacation
  • College Tuition
  • Accounting headaches, IRS regulations, paperwork hassles

I can find the best fit for my client